Our Talent

Talent drives success. At the Crider Group, our professional services team includes some of the best and brightest in their respective fields. We offer our clients deep knowledge, diversity, and experts in a broad range of disciplines, including business, health care, research, marketing and communications.

Our primary services

Services: Research & Evaluation

The Crider Group is skilled at conducting rigorous research and evaluation across a wide range of complex issues from healthcare to human support programs. We understand the programs we study and apply our deep knowledge to find solutions through sound practices and innovative research applications.

Survey Services

We are experienced at conducting research and policy analysis surveys, focusing on unbiased and systematic application of proven techniques. Our survey methodologies and instruments generate high-quality data used to evaluate operations, customers concerns and recommend program and policy solutions.

Planning Survey Data

Our analysts assist multiple agencies in designing surveys, which provide accurate and reliable results within budget and on schedule. We work with clients to ensure the survey is designed to achieve pre-determined objectives and the necessary resources allocated for accurate and comprehensive data collection.

Determining Proper Survey Data Collection Methodology

We develop the data collection protocol and survey instruments using a series of unbiased and structured questions. The information is systemically collected though focus groups, self-administered mail surveys, in-person interviews and telephone interviews.

Assessing Data Reliability and Validity

As survey information is collected, The Crider Group performs quality control checks to ensure the data are reliable and valid. We incorporate the data into hierarchical network, relational and objective-oriented database models.

Quantitative and Qualitative Survey Data Analysis

The Crider Group analyzes survey data using different analytical techniques. We perform quantitative analysis to provide quantities, trends, and other types of statistical information.

Preparing Reports

We can prepare final comprehensive reports that communicate the survey methodology and administration, survey instrument, response rates, general information collected and population surveyed.

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