Our Talent

Talent drives success. At the Crider Group, our professional services team includes some of the best and brightest in their respective fields. We offer our clients deep knowledge, diversity, and experts in a broad range of disciplines, including business, health care, research, marketing and communications.

Our primary services

Services: Project Management

The Crider Group provides turn-key project management services in the following areas: program definition, program planning, policy, acquisition management, system integration, configuration management, program execution, information technology, logistics, special event planning, and training.

We support government agencies, corporations and non-profits in developing detailed action plans. We help clients to execute schedules and stay within their available budget and resources.  Our program integration and program management services include the following:

Program Management

Our comprehensive program management services include:

  • Defining the program’s goals and objectives
  • Developing a master schedule and budget
  • Reviewing the agency’s proposed schedules, budgets and outputs
  • Developing solutions where conflicts arise
  • Developing information systems to track financial and schedule execution

Program Integration (Team Leader)

We are seasoned program integration team leaders skilled at helping agency managers bring together different organizations to achieve a common set of goals and objectives by integrating program areas together, including:

  • Reviewing program requirements and plans for their execution
  • Matching different organization’s skills, expertise and capabilities
  • Simultaneously monitoring program execution and interface with multiple organizations
  • Employing consulting and facilitation skills to build program unity and cohesion.
  • Developing management information systems

Program Oversight

The Crider Group provides program oversight to agency managers, which gives managers real-time information on overall status and individual program areas. We closely monitor budgets and schedules and continually scan the environment to identify any potential issues, such as policies, public opinion, budget reduction, or a new technology that may affect the program.

We are keenly aware that effective program management is about relationships. We bring together different organizations and departments to achieve a common set of goals and objectives, while keeping them functioning as a single team throughout the life of the program.

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